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Purchase media assets to target specific audiences relevant to brands, campaigns or products.



Facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. Verify that campaigns ran as agreed.



Owner of media assets such as Television, Radio, Print, Out Of Home or Digital.



Consumers of media and advertising campaigns. Consumer survey’s help dictate media rates.

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What is Adbit?

The ADBIT token will enable buyers, sellers and agencies to access the ADBIT Media Marketplace™.

ADBIT will be the atomic unit of value exchange on the ADBIT Media Marketplace™, resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers, sellers, and agencies.


The four major problems facing media planning and buying are workflow management, reconciliation, transparency, and monitoring


CIINCH is a SaaS business tool with a suite of innovative agency workflow management and media aggregation applications that make media planning and buying smarter and easier. CIINCH will evolve into the CIINCH Media Management platform.


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How it all Started

The idea of an open, trustless media marketplace has been a vision for a number of years. This journey began with the creation and optimization of the agency workflow and media planning and buying platform CIINCH.  Since its creation in 2015, the CIINCH platform has helped agencies with the processing of over $200m in media buys. The team have global  aspirations and maintain an aggressive timeline:

Start First version of CIINCH is created. Basic media planning and buying functionality for agencies
September 2015
MVP 3rd party CRM integration - 1 click invoicing - Workflow management - Agency dashboard and reporting
December 2016
PRE-SALE Pre-sale undertaken to acquire CIINCH platform and to fast track development of ADBIT token and the ADBIT Media Marketplace. Set token value and on-board key team members
April 2018
GLOBAL LAUNCH ADBIT MEDIA V1.0 Workflow management tool for Agencies. – MEDIA MATCH™ V1.0 Data matching of media seller plans
August 2018
MEDIA MATCH™ MEDIA MATCH™ V2.0 Data matching of post campaign reports – automatic reconciliation dules
September 2018
Launch of Client/Buyer log in Client/Buyer Beta
October 2018
Launch of media owner Launch of media owner/seller facing login and access to the ADBIT Media platform.
November 2018
DECENTRALIZATION BETA ADBIT MEDIA MARKETPLACE Blockchain powered media marketplace launches in beta with first Smart contracts being executed
February 2019
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Adbit Token


  • 24% - ADBT Reserve
  • 10% - Advisor Pool
  • 10% - Team
  • 1% - Bounty
  • 17% - Soft Cap
  • 15% - Hard Cap
  • 20% - Pre ICO
  • 3% - Seed

55% - Token Generation Event

Token Generation Event Token Generation Event tokens will be sold first in a private sale, followed by a public pre-sale and public sale. This will be the primary liquidity pool for ADBT tokens.

24% - ADBT Reserve

Reserve tokens will be allocated to incentivize partnerships between media owners, agencies, and buyers seeking to purchase media on the ADBIT Media Marketplace™ and to provide an additional pool of liquidity for tokens to be purchased by users in the ADBIT Media Exchange™ ecosystem.

10% - Team

Team tokens will be issued to ADBIT’s founding team and will also be subject to a 180-day vesting period from the date of the Token Generation Event.

10% - Advisor Pool

Advisor pool tokens will be issued to current and future advisors. ADBIT advisors will consult on all facets of the ADBIT Media Exchange™ project, such as market structure, cryptocurrency space developments, execution systems, regulations, business development, legal and other vital matters.

1% - Bounty

Bounty tokens held in reserve to incentivize bug bounties for the ADBIT smart contract to find potential bugs related to stealing or locking user funds, stealing the bounty, causing the “buy” or “sell” functions to be non-execution and other smaller bugs. Bug bounties will also apply to public Github repositories and coding projects/challenges ADBIT will publicly release to the algo trading and crypto community.

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